Let's Talk Pendants!!!

Let's Talk Pendants!!!

Let's Talk Pendants!!!

Seeing the pendant as one of the latest trends makes me so happy! I’ve always had a love for pendant necklaces and started my own collection of pendants long before Retro Kandy Vintage was created. I especially enjoy wearing late 60s/ early 70s styles, like this futuristic Celebrity necklace. This mod pendant necklace happens to be my personal favorite.
Choosing the perfect pendant accessory is hard for me. I get comments from my husband like, “What’s taking so long? They’re all the same.” True, they are all necklaces, but certainly not the same. Each has its own unique style and design. A pendant typically refers to an ornament that is suspended from another piece of jewelry, like a necklace. The word pendant comes from the French word pendre, which means to hang. Pendants can be made from many different types of materials. The necklace can be a traditional metal chain or it can be made from other materials, such as leather, cord or ribbon.

The pendant itself can also be made from various materials and can be found in a large variety of sizes.
Many pendants are interchangeable and can be used with your choice of necklaces. Also, some pendants are made with a pin on the back so it can also be worn as a brooch.

The combinations of necklace and pendant styles are endless, making this type of necklace an appealing accessory to match anyone’s taste. This accessory always serves as a fabulous accent for any outfit.

Be sure to take a look at our pendant necklace collection on the RKV website and enjoy the unique and unusual vintage styles that are available.  

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