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1950s Taiwan Hand Knotted Glass Bead Necklace

1950s Taiwan Hand Knotted Glass Bead Necklace

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This simple, but beautiful, one strand necklace is from Taiwan. The necklace features polished, round, black glass beads. Each bead is separated by a hand-tied black knot. The necklace measures approximately 32”. It closes with a beautiful, gold-tone marquise shaped fish hook clasp. The fish hook clasp is sometimes difficult to open and close. To open, squeeze the bottom sides of the fish (the pretty case part.) Pull the hook straight out. Turn the hook until the open end of the clasp will slide out. To close the fish hook clasp, put the open end of the hook into the bottom of the fish. Turn the hook until it is straight and push it in. The necklace is signed TAIWAN on the back of the fish hook clasp and is in excellent vintage condition.              

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