Spotlight - Avon

Spotlight - Avon

We recently highlighted the company Avon on our Instagram profile. Here is the information and photos for future reference just in case you missed our posts.


Avon Jewelry

The Beginning, Crossing from Perfume & Beauty to Jewelry-Part 1

  • Avon began as the California Perfume Company in 1886. It was founded in New York City by David H. McConnell.
  • The first products with the Avon name were made in 1928. In 1939, the company’s name was changed to Avon Products.
  • Avon first began producing jewelry 1965, with a locket pin called Solid Perfume Jewelry Pin. Photo below.

Photo above: We recently solid this piece. It came with a small round container of solid perfume, called Glacé, that was placed inside the pin. The perfume then could be applied with your finger to your pulse points throughout the day.

  • Pictured below are other varieties of Glacé jewelry pieces produced by Avon that are currently available in our shop! Two of them still have the Glacé!

1968 Avon Golden Charmer Necklace
1969 Avon Jeweled Owl Brooch
1970 Avon Ring of Pearls
1970 Avon Daisy Glacé Brooch


The Beginning, Crossing from Perfume & Beauty to Jewelry-Part 2

  • It was an ingenious technique to start their jewelry line by referencing the pieces back to their popular perfume & beauty products.
  • This creative marketing approach was also used as promotions for their perfumes.
  • In 1969, Avon created the Bird of Paradise brooch, earrings & bracelet (bracelet not shown). These were used to promote Avon’s top selling Bird of Paradise perfume. It is an extremely rare set because it was never offered separately to the public.

Photos Above: Bird of Paradise earrings & brooch. Available now in our shop!

Photos Above: Bird of Paradise vintage ad, photo from Pinterest.
Bird of Paradise Skin Softener & Perfume from “Identifying Avon Jewelry” by Sandra Sturdivant,pg15.


  • Avon also created jewelry that resembled their perfume packaging. The jewelry held the Glazé perfume. 

Photo Above: 1969 Patterns Fashion Perfume & matching Glacé Ring from Identifying Avon Jewelry” by Sandra Sturdivant, pg9.

Photo Above:1983 Perfume Pendant created by Louis Feraud. This pendant is a smaller version of the perfume bottle which can be filled with actual perfume! (Identifying Avon Jewelry” by Sandra Sturdivant, pg15).


The First Collection-Part 3

  • Avon officially entered the jewelry industry in 1971 with their complete collection Precious Pretenders and then, Evening Creation.

  • Precious Pretenders brooch & bracelet and Evening Creation clip earrings & rare, pierced earrings. All available now in our shop. Photo above.

Above: Original Precious Pretender Ad from Pinterest.

Above: Precious Pretenders & Evening Creation full parure, from “Identifying Avon Jewelry,” by Sandra Sturdivant pg37.

  • By 1974 Avon added 25 new pieces each year, like the Starflower Collection, Mayan Pendant & Sierra Necklaces. Photo above.
  • By 1976, Avon was adding 10 new pieces of jewelry each month!
  • To this day Avon is still producing jewelry collections.


Avon Calling! -Part 4

  • Before David H. McConnell founded Avon, he was a door-to-door book salesman. He knew that the direct market approach was successful. And that by going into homes instead of competing with other brands in department stores would increase sales.
  • The first “Avon Lady” was Mr.McConnell’s General Manager, Persis Foster Eames Albee, also known as PFE Albee. She was successful in marketing, recruiting and training sales personnel.

  • An “Avon Lady” was one of the first ways women could become financially independent. Little did Mr.McConnell & PFE Albee know that they helped pave the way for women in the future to have careers of their own. Photo above.

Photo Above: 1964 to 1983 Avon Calling Door Knocker Pin (in box probably from the 70s). This was a reward won by sales representatives. AVON logo pin is a more modern sales representative pin. Both are available now in our shop!

Photo Above: Avon 1966 Ad from Pinterest.

Perfume Bottles- Part 5

  • Avon began producing novelty shaped bottles in the 60s. This began with a boot shaped bottle filled with the men’s cologne called Leather. Then in 1968 with a collection of roadster shaped cars. (Photo above: All are available in our shop.)

Photo Above: Variety of pipe bottles available in our shop.

  • Since they sold so well, Avon made novelty bottles for all their products.
  • The mid 60s through the 80s were when Avon figural bottles were most popular.

Photo Above: More novelty perfume bottles available on our website.

  • These bottles will never be rare but can be fun to collect. Their value depends on the condition of the bottle. If they are in an unopened original box they are worth a lot more.

Photos Above: Avon advertisements from Pinterest

  • These novelty bottles have become icons of the late 20th century kitsch and hold lots of nostalgia.

I hope you learned something new about Avon. Make sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook for more vintage jewelry, clothing and other sweet treats!



“Identifying Avon Jewelry,” by Sandra Sturdivant

Photos from Pinterest, unless otherwise noted.

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