Picking The Perfect Necklace For You

Picking The Perfect Necklace For You

Throughout the years I have received a lot of inquiries regarding necklace lengths and the appropriate length for a particular neckline or body type. Since we have been discussing the popular pendant trend across all of our social media accounts I thought it would be the perfect time discuss this topic with you.

There are so many different lengths and styles of necklaces that may look great on you. But wearing the correct length of the necklace can help enhance a person’s outfit and appearance.

Here is guide that can help you choose the best necklace for you and your clothing of choice.

Typically the main necklace length categories are known as:

Collar Necklace (Collier Necklace)

The name "collier", the French word for collar, is also used for this necklace type. The collar necklaces lay very close to your neck. Collar necklaces are approximately 12 to 14 inches (30.5 cm to 35.5 cm) in length. It is best to measure your neck to make sure you'll have a comfortable fit. The necklace should be at least two inches longer than the circumference of your neck.

Best For: A collar necklace looks best on people with longer necks and/or a petite statue. They also accentuate heart shaped faces. If you have a rounder face or broad shoulders it’s best to skip this length of necklace.

Style With: Strapless or off the shoulder dresses and shirts look great with a collar necklace. Scoop, V-neck or any other open neckline silhouette can also be enhanced by a collar style necklace.



Choker necklaces are typically 14 to 16 inches (35.5 cm to 40.5 cm) long and rest loosely at the base of the neck. They lay looser but are still worn closely around the base of your neck.

Best For: Like the Collar necklace, this style draws attention to your neck so it tends to look better on people with longer necks. Again, these are great for heart shaped faces because the necklace can give the illusion of a broader chin. This length is also good for longer, oval shaped faces.

Style With: Chokers pair well with all styles of necklines even open, button front blouses. The only neckline that doesn’t work well with a Choker is anything with a high neck, like a turtleneck.



Princess length necklaces are a universal style and are flattering for many body styles and heights. They usually range 17 to 19 inches (43 cm to 48 cm). Pendant necklaces are usually Princess length.

Best For: This style looks great on any body type. It is especially flattering to fuller figures. The Princess length necklace elongates the neckline.

Style With: A Princess necklace looks great when it’s worn with a crew neckline, a plunging neckline, or an open neckline. They can also be worn over top of higher necklines, such as turtleneck.



A Matinee necklace ranges between 20 to 24 inches (51 cm to 61 cm). This length sits at the collarbone and extends to the bustline or a bit lower.

Best For: This style is typically great to most body types. It is flattering to round shaped faces because the length tends to elongate it. It is also good for those who are fuller figured.

Style With: The Matinee style looks the nicest over closed button shirts and turtlenecks. It is a great look for business casual clothing.



This length necklace is as dramatic as it sounds. It typically falls below the bust and above the waist and is between 26 to 34 inches (66 cm to 86 cm) in length.

Best For: Like the Matinee, Opera length is also great for full figures because it tends to help draw the eye to the bust area. It is also good for people who have wider necks and broader shoulders because it helps lengthen them. The Opera length looks nice on round and oval shaped faces for the very same reason.

Style With: Opera length necklaces are best worn higher tops and dresses with higher necklines. It is also a great look for evening wear.



Any chain or necklace 36 inches or over (91 cm) is technically referred to as a Rope necklace. This necklace usually falls below the waistline.

Best For: This length is best for an individual who is taller or wearing heels. This length will make broad or wide shoulders look narrower. Also like the Opera length it is a good necklace for round shaped faces because it tends to make the face look leaner.

Style With: It is a great necklace length for business or evening attire. It is flattering on all necklines.



If you are shopping locally, try on your new necklace before you purchase it. It will be easier to see if the necklace is the right length and style for you.

If you are shopping online, try this tip. Cut a piece of string that is the same length as the necklace you are interested in purchasing. Place it around your neck to see where the necklace falls on you. This will help you get a sense of how that length will look on you. 

Enjoy shopping! 



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