A highlight of one my very favorite handbags from our Retro Kandy collection.

A highlight of one my very favorite handbags from our Retro Kandy collection.

This Crown Lewis handbag, circa late 30s and early 40s, is so cool and has so many interesting aspects, I just have to talk about it!

In the 1930s, as women began to gain more independence, their purses needed to be larger to carry more items. This is the first time handbags were actually looked at as a true fashion accessory.

It became popular for handbags to be designed with multiple compartments for cosmetics, combs & mirrors. This mid to late 1930s Crown Lewis handbag is a perfect example from this time period.

This bag was designed with a large mirror under the opening flap and 2 interior accessory pockets that contained the original, signed pocket mirror and comb. It also came with a pair of gorgeous matching gloves.

While researching this bag, I found a photo from Luggage & Leather Goods, August 1936. The caption on the article states that Lewis Purses Inc. and Norman Blum Glove Co. came together to manufacture both handbags and matching hand sewn gloves.

I also found another color advertisement from 1936 confirming the glove and handbag company collaboration.

This was such a terrific match up. It was another successful step in providing purses that helped meet women’s ever changing accessory needs.


The hat, handbag with gloves & gold compact from the photos above are available on RKV website for purchase. www.retrokandyvintage.com

*Both advertisement photos were found on Google & Pinterest.


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