Head Over Heels For Hats

Head Over Heels For Hats

Almost every 2020 runway show featured hats. And not just one or two styles! The runway brought us an array of hat looks to choose from for the fall and winter seasons. Some hats were the practical looks we have seen in previous seasons like beanies and cozy, fuzzy hats. But many hat silhouettes were styles we have not seen in a long time, like bucket and bowl styles. Many designs included elaborate embellishments of flowers and flashy gems. Some styles were completely impractical, yet beautiful, with oversized designs and details.
What excited me the most about this season’s cold weather head gear were the many classic, mid-century design elements that were brought back to life. Here are my top 5 fall and winter hat trends that reflect the past along with some tips to update vintage hats or hats you already own to fit the 2020/2021 trends!
1) Embellishments
From flowers to feathers to faux fur, embellished hats differed from collection to collection on the runway this year. Shiny embellishments were not left out either. Many hats included jewels, pearls, beads and sequins.
Tip: Have a favorite hat? Sew some pearls or jewels sporadically on the outside, or add a vintage rhinestone brooch, or a collection of pins to bring some shine and interest to your chapeau.
2) Veils
Birdcage veils are not just for weddings and funerals this season. Not only were veils seen as separate hair accessories, they were also seen attached to hats all different styles, not just fascinators.
Tip: Millinery birdcage veil fabric is sold by the yard or meter in various sizes and colors. It is relatively inexpensive. It can be added directly to the underside of your favorite hat with a few hand stiches or a dab of fabric or hot glue. Another option is to gather the veil fabric with a needle and thread and add it to a hair comb. Then sew the comb into your hat or wear it separately.
Check out this link for some fabric options sold on Etsy-www.etsy.com/market/birdcage_veil_fabric
There are many how-to-videos for instructional help.  This one is good if you need help deciding on the shape and/or how your veil will lay across your face. www.youtube.com/watch?v=igw2jF2Y0oY
3) Menswear Inspired
Fedoras and other menswear inspired hats have been popular in previous seasons. But for this season the brims have gotten much wider. The variety of silhouettes also expanded to include bowlers, buckets and cowboy hats.
Tip: Do you have a fedora or menswear hat from previous seasons? Try adding new embellishments, like ribbons of different textures and contrasting colors or a few feathers. Also, use the ideas in number 1 and 2 above to help update an older hat.
4) Berets
Berets are closely associated with the countries of France and Spain since the style originated there. But you don’t have to be in Europe to wear this trend. This season the beret is back in traditional structured felt, or floppy styles, or even made out of untraditional materials such as leather or plastic.
Tip: Rescue that beret from a few years ago by adding some birdcage netting. This Dior beret is a perfect example. Another idea to add interest to a plain beret is to add sew-on patches of your choice. Check out this Burberry hat with logo patches.
5) Headscarves
The headscarves of the late 90s and early 2000s are back! Think Christina Aguilera. The 2020 throwback versions include 70’s inspired prints, geometrics, florals and even solids.
Tip: Use vintage scarves to recreate this look! Square shaped scarves can be folded into triangles and tied around your head. This shape is the most commonly used. But if you have a longer style scarf that you absolutely love, don’t rule it out! This scarf style can be tied around your head like a headband, tie around a pony or used to embellish other hats.
Are you ready to update your hats for this season?  I sure am! When you’re done, please send me pictures of your creations.  I’d love to see your fantastic updates!! 

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